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We help you instantly increase your conversion rates by getting article features on NBC, FOX, CBS, and more.

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Extensive social proof

Having social proof on your site is an absolute must. A recent study found that adding “Featured On Fox, ABC, and CBS” can improve your landing page conversion rate by up to 48%.

How this benefits you

This service is fantastic!

Article Featured provided me exactly what I paid for and I can now use multiple news logos on my website. As a marketer, I know how much this social proof helps with conversions, and it’s much easier/more cost-effective to use this service than to pay a PR company to get the same.  

Lauren Heart

Exceptional writing!

I provided a few lines and Article Featured brought it to life, trust me, trust them, and the process. And bonus, they delivered way ahead of schedule. Very pleased and definitely will be using them for another press run in the future! Highly recommend!!

Brandon Martin

How it works

Improved SEO

Our news stories often rank on the first page of Google for your keywords, driving more traffic to your site. Search engines consider links from these news sites as high authority recommendations, helping to push your search position higher.

Increased organic traffic

An article normally receives 100+ visits within the first 24 hours of it being published, and 1000+ visits over time. That means free organic traffic (and more sales) to your website.


We write an article about your business

Or you can provide us your own. The article will talk about your business, your brand or yourself and what you have to offer.

Your article gets published to 100+ news sites

We send your article to our extensive network of news sites including affiliates of NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and many more!

You can now include "Featured
On ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX" on your site

Once your articles have been published we will send you a full report that contains all the live links to your article. This way you have proof that your business has been featured NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and many more!


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Gain massive social proof through getting published by our network of 100+ influential news sites that receive millions of visitors every single month.

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On average 75% of visitors will leave your website due to lack of credibility
Instantly increase your conversion rates by getting article features on NBC, FOX, CBS, and more.

Our 100% money back guarantee

Your article is guaranteed to be published on our wide network of authority news sites, including affiliates of NBC, FOX, and CBS.
If for any reason you don't get published to the news networks mentioned above, simply contact us and you will receive a
full refund.


You write, we publish.

  • Guaranteed publishing to 100+ sites
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 10-12 days delivery


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We write and publish.

  • Professionally written 500 word article
  • Features on 2 premium publications NBC, ABC, FOX, or CBS Affiliates
  • Guaranteed publishing to 200+ sites
  • Published to Google News 
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 8-10 days delivery
  • 1 free round of revisions


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We write and publish.

  • Professionally written 500 word article
  • Published to NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS affiliates
  • Guaranteed publishing to 300+ sites
  • Published to Google News 
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 5-7 day express delivery
  • 2 free rounds of revisions

Let's get your Article Featured on top news sites today! 

Select a package that best suits your needs and our team will begin working immediately to bring massive attention to you, your business and your brand!

Guaranteed publishing on leading news sites

In as little as 3 days your article will be published to over 200+ authority news sites across our network, with guaranteed publishing to affiliates of NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS.

Some of these publications receive over 10 million visitors per month.

The best part? Upon being published you'll receive a PDF report of all live URLs to each of your articles. This way you can easily review all the articles our team published for your business.

We ourselves have seen a quick 7% conversion rate increase just from adding a few logos on an opt-in page

Check out the FAQ

Got questions?

What do you need from me to write an article?

Many companies require lengthy questionnaires from you that waste your time. We only require 3 things: 

  1. Your website.
  2. The topic you want the article to be about.
  3. 1-2 quotes that best describe your business. From there, we’ll do the research to write your article with just that information.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to review the article before it's published?

Yes, after the article is written you can look it over and go through up to 2 rounds of revisions (Middle tier package name) or unlimited revisions (Top tier package name) before it's published.

How long does the process take?

5 days if you provide us the article and we publish it, or 10 days if you want us to write the article then publish it. This does not include time for revisions if any are requested.

Will it be published on the main website of NBC, FOX, and CBS?

You won't be published to the main website (for example fox.com) as those are reserved for national headline news. But you will be published to local affiliates such as FOX 21, FOX 34, etc... which are the official sites for the TV stations. For example, FOX 34 is for channel 34 in a specific city and is part of the FOX news network. This is comparable to getting published in a local newspaper.

Which sites will my articles be published to exactly?

Fox 28, NBC 2, USA Today AZ Central, CBS KUTV2, CBS WBOC, NBC 21, FOX 40, NBC 3 WRCB TW, Fox 43, NBC WRDE Coast TV, NBC 29, Tulsa CW, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Daily Herald, Times Record, The Punxsutawney Spirit, The Inyo Register, The Chronicle Journal, 1007 The Score, Doublet 973, 93.7 The Eagle, The Drive 929, Talk 1170 Radio, K-Hits 1069, HTV 10, News on 6, 2 News, 98.5 KVOO, News 9, Big Country 99.5, Lubbock CW, Magic 106.5, My Lubbock TV, NCN News Central, NCN News Omaha & Lincoln, NCN News Mid Plains, NCN News Northeast Nebraska, NCN News Panhandle, NCN News Platte Valley, NCN News Southeast Nebraska, Oldics 97.7, RFD TV, 96.9 The Bull, SNN News, Telemundo Lubbock, Weny News, Erie News Now, 1077.7 Yes FM, News OK, Marketplace, Minyanville, Malvern Daily Record, Sweetwater Reporter, My Mother Lode, Poteau Daily News, Decatur Daily Democrat, Deer Park Tribune, The Ridgway Record, Antlers American, Wapakoneta Daily News, Starkville Daily News, The Buffalo News, The Saline Courier, The Kane Republican, SM Daily Press, The Community Post, AZ Central Finance, The Evening Leader, One Observer News Enterprise, Fat Pitch Financials, Daily Times Leader, Post & Mail, Wall Street Select, Morning News, Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Mammoth Times, Big Spring Herald, Borger News-Herald, Carolina Reporter & News, Financial Content, Statesman Examiner, Menlo Park, Corte Madera, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek Guide, Daily City, Mill Valley, Livermore, Danville, Pleasanton, The Pilot News.

Please note that these sites are subject to change without notice, and this list may not be updated to reflect the changes immediately.

I would like to write my own article - What are the guidelines?

- The article must be between 200-400 words.
- Your article can have no more than 1 link per 100 words.
- The headline must include the company's name.
- The article cannot be written like a sales pitch, it must be neutral/informational.
- The article must have a specific topic, no general articles allowed.
- Avoid bullet point lists or fragmented texts as they will not be accepted by some news outlets. 

- Exclude contact info from the article as you will be uploading that separately.
- Must be in english.

Are there any topics/businesses that are not accepted?

We can not accept articles about CBD, supplements, marijuana, guns, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, legal cases, negative press, loans, multi-level marketing, dating sites, 3rd party companies, and more.

Have more questions? Contact us via the blue chat button on the bottom right of the page!

Do I have to write my own article?

You will only be responsible for writing your own article if you purchase our Standard Package. See below for more information about Writing Guidelines.

If you purchase any other package our team of professional writers will construct your article for you based upon the information you provide in your initial sign up form.

Can I make Revisions to my article?

Yes, on our Premium Package you will be provided with one free round of revisions. NOTE - Revisions are only possible before publishing, once your articles have been published, we will be unable to make any additional changes

Can I see the end result of getting published?

Yes! Please watch our in-depth walkthrough from purchase to finish that shows the PDF you will receive with the live URLs to your published article.

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Reach millions of readers

Getting published within our network is a great way to improve your brand visibility, gain hundreds of backlinks to your website, and earn massive trust with your customers.




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We write and publish.

  • Distribution to Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, APNews, Digital Journal, and 500+ sites.
  • Professionally written 500-word article
  • Report with live URLs of all your articles
  • 7-10 day delivery
  • Unlimited revisions


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